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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quarter 4, Blog 2

Tess Gerritsen
p. 155
My favorite character is Abby DiMatteo. She is a driven, caring, and determined doctor that focuses all her energy into her work. At points I'm glad that I am not her because she missed out on so much in her life by studying constantly and always working towards a higher position as a doctor. However, I wish that I had that complete determination that she has. She gets offered a position to be a surgeon resident, and even though she is more than qualified to be a regular doctor with a steady job, she decides to take on the challenge. She has been training and studying and training some more for so many years now, and she still has the determination to be something more. I also wish that I could be as calm as her with the problems she faces. Currently she is getting charged with many lawsuits for things that her entire team did so they are not solely her fault, but she still keeps working and stays calm.


  1. I like the last name DiMatteo; its a really cool name...Anyways, if you were in Abby's shoes, would you have taken the challenge of being a surgeon resident? Do you think she made the right choice? What are the consequences of her choice?

  2. Why did she study so much when she was younger? It seems like there are many positives to spending so much time on school and making yourself smarter, but do you think there are more negatives, out weighing the positives? It seems like she is very well-rounded in all of her life, except in social aspects.


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