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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quarter 3, Blog 7

Kyle Weber
The Assist
Neil Swidey

The title definitely fits the book. The assist is a figurative article of speech. The coach assists the players in their journey of life. He helps them along and makes sure they make the right decisions. These decisions will affect their lives in huge ways, so they need to make the right ones. he shuffles them to practices, school, and college visits, all in order to make them better people. Two other titles could be The Ultimate Coach or Mr Motivator. These titles both describe the coach's actions and what he would do. They describe what he wold go through in order to make them better people.

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  1. The coach sounds like a very good coach on and off the court with his players. It sounds like the coach is a real friend to him and they are all really close. I like the title you suggested about the Ultimate Coach, it sounds like that would fit your book very well.


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