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Friday, March 4, 2011


Knights of The Hill Country
Tim Tharp

The title makes some sense but doesn't really tie in to the theme or anything besides the name of the team, which is Knights, and they refer to the setting as the Hill country, but it doesn't tie into the characters or any of the plot or anything like that. It doesn't tell you anything about the theme or any of the conflicts that will occur. The first title I would do would be, "The Love of the Game", because he plays this game because it is one thing in his life he is certain about. Football is his life. The other title that I would change it to would be, "Playing Through It", because he has so much going on, and when he steps on the field nothing else matters to him. It feels like home to him, because it is the only true home he has.


  1. This reminds me of the TV show "Two-a-Days" when Alex says he loves playing football because it's an hour where all his worries our gone ,and he just enjoys himself.

  2. I think there is some symbolism going on with the term "Knights"...any ideas about that?


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