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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Falling Under Gwen Hayes p.19 My favorite character so far would be Theia Alderson. Since she is the only character introduced so far, I really have no choice but to pick her. The book starts off with her having these weird dreams, always endling with a man falling from the sky, on fire. She goes out to help him but he is laying there dying, saying that it was worht the fall. Theia has normal friends that are obsessed with guys at school, but she reallly doesn't pay much attention. She lives a pretty sheltered life. I like that she doesn't care/isn't obsessed with things like that. I don't wish I was her though, because I don;t think I could handle my dad protecting me from everything I do like hers does. He won't let her date or even hang out with any guy friends, he surrounds her with music; always making her practice her violin. I like how she is her own person though, and tell what she wants and that she will stand up to his rules eventualy. She wants to get out from under him. I know some people like this, a few go to school here. I also know a few people like her friends, who aree always talking about guys.

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