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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

House Rules Jodi Picoult Pg. 254 My favorite character in the book would probably be Jacob's mom. I like this character because she will do anything for her sons. She is a strong women because her husband left her and now she has to take care of both of her sons. Even though Jacob has done some wrong things in the past, she still sticks up for him no matter what the situation may be. She will do anything to protect her sons and provide for them the best she can. Jacob went to jail and she still sticks up for him. I hope when I become a mom I would have the same qualities as her. She loves her sons and would do anything for them and I believe that is the defintion of a mom and I hope to be like her someday when I become a Mom. When Jacob was in jail, she still thought he was innocent because she knew her son would never murder somebody. Also, when Jacob starts to get into a bad temper she tends to deal with it the best she can and I think that is a good quality to have as well. These are all qualities I wish to have in the future. My mom has these qualities too. She loves me, my brother, and sister and would do anything for us. She is always there for us and we know we can talk to her about anything.

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  1. I think those are great qualities to have in anyone! Its really nice that she's a character you can relate to because your mom is so much like her, and she's a character you want to be like someday. Why did Jacob go to jail? And when he went to jail did the mom ever have a breakdown about it or did she stay strong?


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