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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Last Song. By NIcholas Sparks. Nellie Wilson. Mrs. Sheffield. Period 7. English 3

In my book I do believe the title fits the book well. Ronnie, the main character, a rebellious teenager is very talented at the piano, except she stopped playing because her father walked out on them. Ronnie finds out that her dad has cancer and will die soon. He probably won't make it to the end of summer. Ronnie finds a unfinished song that was started. Her dad dies with her playing the finished last song.
Two other titles may be, No tomorrow, because when her father was on his death bed, Ronnie had no idea when he pass. The other one would be, The Unexpected, with this book there is so many ups and downs, for instance Ronnie changing when she was at her dad's house, and when Ronnie finds out about her dad's cancer and that everyday is a blessing.

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  1. Those sound like really good titles. I agree that the song fits if she is playing it for the last time for her dad, who is in the last moment of his life. This reminds me of real life story that I heard that a boy had this song to play at the recital on the piano, but would never practice, but later on he finally plays it and the teacher goes "that sounds incredible, how come you never practiced before?" Then the student goes "I waited to play it so my mom could finally hear it." It turns out that his mom was deaf and just died recently and his logic was with her being in heaven, she could finally hear it.


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