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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Night Star
Alyson Noel
End of Book

The title of the book Night Star, is appropriate for the book, but I think that the author could have picked a more relevant title. Night star has to do with Ever, wishing upon a star to hope everything will be right again in her life. She wants everything to be right with her and Haven as well as her and Damen...To me this was a small part in the book and shouldn't really be what the title is about. But in all of Alyson Noel's books, she gives the titles to small details in the book, so I guess that is just her style. I guess you could say, the star had more than just the meaning of what was said and maybe you had to read between the lines to understand more what it was about, but it did not seem like that to me at all. I think a more relevant title would be the Struggle because it could mean many different things from this book. It could go along with Ever's struggle to defeat Haven, Ever's struggle with Jude, or Ever's struggle with Damen. This would be a more obvious choice for a title, but I think it would be a better overall title.

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