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Monday, January 3, 2011

Jacob Royster
Safe at Home
Pg 25
From the cover of my book I can tell it will be about baseball. There is a catcher in his gear throwing a ball. Im guessing near the end and from other Mike Lupica books I have read, the title, Safe at Home, will come in to play at the end with a championship game on the line. There is color but that doesn't tell me a whole lot. Once again from other Mike Lupica books I know i will enjoy this book unlike all other books that waste my time.


  1. Have you ever tried finding a different series other than Mike Lupica? What are you gonna do when you run out of books to read? Also what color is it? It might symbol the team color or something.

  2. Im gana have to find another book because so far this is last in series.It has multiple different colors.

  3. And Mrs. Sheffield....I forgot to say it was by Mike Lupica in my title, but it says in the blog.

  4. Caught that, Jake, thanks. You may like books by Harlan Coben. He writes series that are more adult-oriented and sports-related. I have a couple titles on my shelf if you would like to check into his books.


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