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Monday, January 3, 2011

Quarter 3, Week 1

By: Michael Northrop
pg. 35

Tabitha Payne

From the cover of my book I am guessing that a man will die and it will be one of the friends of the main character. I think that Mr. Haberman will be the one to commit the murder cause he is the only one who they really talk about in the book so far. I also think it is him because he says gentlemen all the time and that is the name of the book. When i got the book the cover was what grabbed my attention.

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  1. I like you when you find one genre of book you stick to it. You are always reading these mystery books. I have seen the cover of this book and it does look rather good as long as long as it doest contain weird vampire or SiFi crap. What makes you like this book cover the best? Enjoy


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