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Friday, January 7, 2011

Tyler Allison Blog 1/7/11

Miracle on 49th Street
Mike Lupica
Pg 50

The cover of my book is very revealing in one way so far but not in others. It hase a basketball on the front of the book so i could tell that it was about basketball. I think that that is one of the main reasons i got the book. The font on the cover is big and clear. It makes me think that the book may be exciting for some reason? The colors on the cover are dark accept for the basketball and lettering. The backround is a blur so it is a little mysterious. I like my book so far and it has started out a lot different than i pictured. so far the cover is kind of a curveball to the book.


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  1. That's a very interesting way to describe the cover a book. I have never heard the anyone say that the "cover is a curveball to the book". It was very unique. Why did a picture of a basketball make you wanna read the book?


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