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Thursday, January 20, 2011

For One More Day
Mitch Albom
pg. 91

There are several conflicts in the book because there are many flashbacks that he reflects on. An example of an external conflict is that Charley has tried to commit suicide. He has tried jumping off things and getting drunk and driving his car to get in an accident in order to end his life. Although it did not work, other peoples' lives were in affect as well. An internal conflict is Charley deciding the decisions that he wants to make. Deciding to try to commit suicide and the things he thinks about his mother are all internal. He talks about the times he has and has not stood up for his mom, and the same about her. When he has problems he looks to alcohol and ending his life to solve the problems. I do not agree with the way he tries to solve his conflicts. I would rather get help from somebody and stay strong rather than turning to alcohol or trying to end my life over a situation.


  1. This sounds like a pretty intense book. I find that internal conflicts seem to be harder for some characters to work through than external conflicts, because they don't quite know how to deal with themselves. Your character Charley sounds like one of those chracters. I find it interesting that internal conflicts can cause externals conflicts to develop, making everything a cycle. Does anyone in the book know that he's tried to kill himself? This does sound like a good book, and I think I might like to read it and see how it ends.

  2. I really like your comments about the cyclical nature of conflicts, Paige, as well as internal conflicts being the most difficult to handle.


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