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Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't Die, My Love. By Lurlene McDaniel. Mrs. Sheffield. Period 7. Nellie Wilson

In my book I would ask Luke who has a rare cancer that 1 in every 100 or so people have.
My first question would be: how did you being so active and healthy, take it that you were told you had a rare cancer.
My second question would be: How did you having cancer, put an impact on your relationship with Julie.
My third and final question would be: If you knew that you could be saved and there was a cure then why did you not go to chemotherapy, risk the surgery when you knew you had a donor and you were going to die either way. Why not wait and see if the donor could help you?

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  1. i read a book about a girl who had cancer, and i really enjoyed it. if you like this book i would think that you would the "my sister's keeper" i really enjoyed it. and this book sounds really good too. i think i might look into trying to read this.


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