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Friday, January 28, 2011

Quarter 3 blog

Maximum Ride: The angel experiment
by James Patterson
I would ask Max the questions, because she is the main character and I have learned the most about her. The first question I would ask is what kind of feeling she gets when she flies? She is a teenager with wings and it must be an awesome feeling to pop up in the air and fly whenever you want, so I would want to know what that was like. The second question I would ask is how she can keep supporting all the "brothers and sister" that she has, because it would be very hard to when they have to eat so much. They have to eat so much because it takes a lot of energy to fly, and they can all fly. Also I would want to know the ways that she can provide for food and shelter when she can not have a job, and she doesn't have any money. The last question I would ask her is if she would ever get her wings taken off if she could. Having wings would make life a lot harder, because everyone would view you differently. There could be a lot of bad things, and a lot of good things that come with having wings and I would like to know Max's opinion on them.

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