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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Stand Tall
Joan Bauer
pg. 56

Tree as his friends and fellow 7th graders would call him is a very tall kid, so tall he is considered a freak. He has to fight the internal conflict to not lash out at those that make fun of him. He does this through out the whole intire book. He is also fighting an internal conflict with him parents divorce. He doesnt know how to feel or what he should do so he does nothing. The divorce could also be considered an external conflict because tree is always yelling at his mother about the divorce. More external conflicts could be his problem with sports. He plays and he is not good. He has to hear it from his coaches and fellow players every single day.


  1. It seems like the external conflicts are the reason for the internal conflicts that Tree has. Does he ever try to solve his external conflicts? Such as trying to get better at sports or trying some other activities? He sounds like a good kid, but his situation at home is really affecting him.

  2. I think there are a lot of kids in Tree's situation. It's a common conflict among several kids. I agree with Meghan about the external are the reason for the internal conflicts. He SHOULD try and get better at sports. Maybe if he made more friends, or hung out with his close friends more it would take his mind off of what was happening at home.


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