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Friday, January 21, 2011

Nicholas Morrison
The Invisible Man
pg 30
The external conflict is that the "invisible man" is very unfriendly. He goes to stay at a local in and is very rude. The only reason he is allowed to stay is because he is very rich and pays the in-keeper a lot of money. And apparently he is black, which is just a big deal in his time. The internal conflict is that he can't turn himself back visible and it is driving him crazy. He is constantly having fits over his problems and breaks down emotionally all the time. I agree with his choices, i would be very angry too.


  1. I dont like being around unfriendly people. I do not know how they can stand having him around. I think i would want him to leave.


  2. I agree with what tyle said i would not like being around this guy alot. Unfriendly people are useally people who i don't like hanging out with. but at least he is rich. I am just woundering is how did he get all of his money did he steal it did he just inhearted it all from his family. I don't get how people even no that he black when he invisiable. IS it people don't see him as well as he is because he is a rich black guy. I think people would treat him better if he wasn't so made all the time.


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