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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blog 2
Hold Tight
Harlan Coben
pg. 135
An external conflict in this story is Mike and Tia's son is becoming evasive. He seems different and they think they are losing their son. Tia decides to install some software so she can monitor everything he does on the computer. Once their son goes missing Mike finds his location through the GPS on his phone. If I were his parents I would do the same thing. I think it would be in my child's best interest to keep them safe. An internal conflict would be Mike is trying to decide if his son just needs space. He always refers to him as a child and the things he's done. He solves this by debating it over, but usually tries to find out what his son is up to. I disagree with what Mike does. Yes, his son does need space, but that doesn't mean let him do whatever he wants. There has to be some discipline.


  1. I agree to an extent. I think that in order for a child to grow up you can't always treat them like a child. They should learn while if they mess up they have someone there to catch them.

  2. I agree with both of these statements. I think that there needs to be some room, however parents need to be there for their children. Maybe a reason that the kid is so evasive is because his parents don't pay any attention to their kid and he notices and thinks that he's not good enough to be liked by his own father? who knows.


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