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Friday, January 28, 2011

Lost Symbol
Dan Brown

I would first ask robert langdon why he first got interested in symbology. I think this is crucial because basically every book involving langdon is based on symbols. I would next ask what happened to his wife from angels and demons because in this book she is just gone. Finally i would ask him if the masonic pyramid was even remotely close to what he expected because from his thoughts it appears he thought it wasnt even real so the fact that it actually exists must be mind blowing.


  1. First of all, in all of Dan Brown's books there is a girl, if you haven't noticed. In Angels and Demons the girl is just his friend. The end makes you wonder, but she was just a fried. How far are you in this book?

  2. I think knowing that in real life it was there would be very mind blowing. Also has this girl been in other books? Is it significant to the story?


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