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Friday, January 28, 2011

Laura Hillenbrand
Pg. 194

First of all, the main character in my book's name is Louis Zamperini. He is a pilot during WWII and he was also in the Olympics. If I met him in real life I would ask him how he survived the plane crash and nobody else did. He flys with a crew of men on a bomber plane and none of the other men survived. I want to know what he was thinking and what made him keep pushing forward for 28 days out on the ocean. You would think it would be impossible to survive that. Next, I would ask him what it was like when he ran in the Olympics. When he stepped on the track I want to know what he was thinking and what it felt like. I want to know who he met there and what friends he made. He talked about some of the people, but i'm sure he met more famous people at the Olympics. The last question I would ask him is what he did after the war. I know I haven't read much and the book will tell me later, but if I met him now, that is what I would ask. I want to know if he got a civilian job or just trained more for the Olympics. I would ask him if he had a family or had a girlfriend. Louis is an interesting character and there are many questions I could ask him since he did a lot of things with his life, but these are the three most important.

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  1. Your character sounds very intense. I would definitely ask him more than 3 questions, as he seem very interesting. What led to him being in the Olympics?


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