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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Anthony Horowitz
pg 32-56

If I could speak with Alex Rider, I'm sure I would find that he is an even more troubled child than he is portrayed as in the series about him. He has been through way too much for a 15 year old boy and through the way Anthony Horowitz describes his interactions with others concerning his past, the reader can tell the impact his experiences have had on him. One thing I would like to ask him at this point is "Do you know what you're getting yourself into???" because he is currently seeking out training from a terrorist organization called SCORPIA. His former employment with the British secret service introduced him to a man called Yassen, who, as sketchy as he was, convinced Alex that he needed to "go to Venice, find SCORPIA, find your destiny." What? Alex, are you really going to trust the man who you believe killed your father and betrayed your family? I am really wondering who he trusts at this moment. He has been manipulated by MI6 enough, you'd think he would just want to get away from it all. But, then again, we wouldn't have a story if he just wanted to sit at home doing schoolwork. The last question I would have to ask would be "Where do you think this is going to take you." Alex has a habit of jumping into things without thinking them through first. I just have a feeling this is going to take him places he normally wouldn't be willing to go. We'll see I guess...

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