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Friday, January 28, 2011

Qtr. 3 Blog 3

The Properties of Water
By: Hannah McKinnon
If I could pick a character I would choose Lace. She's the main character and she's teh one telling the story. The first question I would ask would be what really happened that summer. He mom and her sister, Marni, haven't came home in a long time now. It's just Lace and her dad at the house. The second question I would ask would be why don't you talk to your dad more and spend time with him. He's obviously struggling with the fact that his wife and daughter aren't coming home. He needs someone to talk to about it and spend time with to get his mind off of things. The final queston I would ask would be don't you think if you go back to the lake and face your fear of what happened that summer that you wouild be stronger and be able to move on? Maybe even join the swim team again? A lot of people want her to go back out, because she is a really talented swimmer. Getting over her fear of the lake might make things a little easier around the house and in her life.

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