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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Charlie St. Cloud Pg.98-125

Charlie St. Cloud is external. Charlie can see his little brother sam that has past away . The conflict is that Charlie has met this girl named Tess and who is falling in love with her but before he met Tess he had a girlfriend a long time ago and Charlie's girlfriend was getting in the way with Sam and he started fading away from Charlie life because he was having so much fun and then forgetting about Sam. So Charlie realized that it was so important to be in Sam's life so he quit dating. He has to fix the conflict by letting go of sam eventually cause he realizes that it is time and eventually it will have to stop. Yes I agree with his choices cause he cant be their everyday eventually and their is a certain time and point when you have to realize you have to let them go. But sam will always be with him in his heart. Charlie has to move on in his life and let sam go.

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