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Friday, January 7, 2011

Laura Hillenbrand
Pg. 128

On the cover of my book, there is a picture of an open ocean with a search plane flying above it. with a setting sun. The plane shows how people were searching for Louie and his crew when they crashed in the ocean, but it also resembles how the crew flew their own plane over the ocean on their missions since they were in the Air Force. The water is one of the settings in the book. It shows where Louie had to fight to survive. The dark color resembles that the search lasted a long time and Louie was at sea trying to survive for almost a month.


  1. This book sounds very interesting. It sounds very exciting and dramatic and you should tell me how it is.

  2. Are they searching for Louie throughout this book? It sounds like a different book and it sounds like it might be a little boring. There would have to be some surprises in the book to make it interesting for me, but let me know how it is when you finish.

  3. What kind of writing techniques do you think the author will use? What effect will they have?

  4. I'm glad you are reading this, Tyler. Are you really enjoying it? (Libbie may want to borrow it when you are done.)


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