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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Qtr. 3 Blog 2

The Properties of Water
By: Hannah Mckinnon
pg. 41
The main character in this book is Lace Martin. The major conflict with her is that her older sister, Marni, had an accident the previous summer down by the lake they always used to swim at. Lace and Marni were on a swim team and they were both very talented. The author hasn't told what really happened, she's just hinting that it was bad and that Lace has been having a rough time recovering. Also, the author says that Marni and her mom went to Portland a couple weeks ago, and that they will be returning. But it states that the accident took her mother and sister from her. I think they died or something, but I'm not sure how yet. Lace is left with only her dad, and she doesn't know how to recover and try to help him through it too. Her dad had hired a nanny, to help them around the house. She has a mysterious green bag with her all the time, and Lace thinks that she steals. Things have come up missing since she has arrived, that NEVER ever get lost. I agree with what her dad is trying to do; move on and get back to reality. Lace, however, she is still afraid to go swim or even go by the lake because of what happened last summer. I think she should face her fears, becoming stronger as a young woman. She needs to be strong not only for herself, but also for her father.

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