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Monday, January 17, 2011

Elizabyth Ladwig
Beautiful Dead:Jonas
Eden Maguire
Done with book
An external conflict is that Darina has saw her dead boyfriend, Phoenix, in a barn and didn't know what happened. Along with him, she also saw the 3 other kids that had died that year: Jonas, Summer, and Arizona. At first, she thought they were just figments of her imagination. But then, she started seeing Phoenix everywhere. She decided that she would go back to the abandoned house and barn where she saw the deceased students. When she got there, she saw phoenix again. And he hugged her. She found out that they were all real, and that Hunter, their "overlord", who was also dead, was supposed to help them in finding out the mysteries behind all their deaths. Hunter recruits Darina to help the 4 of them, since they seem to be getting nowhere. Jonas, who was the first to die, is her priority for now. She has to find out who killed him.
An internal conflict is that Darina loved Phoenix, and when he died, he took half of her heart with him. She was trying to figure out how to live without him when she found the Beautiful Dead in that abandoned barn. Then suddenly, she was saved and didn't have to think about it when they were together. But when Hunter forced her to leave after her short visits everyday, she would remember that Phoenix was dead. And once she got to him after helping Jonas, Summer, and Arizona, she would have to say goodbye. And it would be the hardest thing she's ever done.

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