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Friday, January 28, 2011


Stand Tall
Joan Bauer
pg. 77-104

My main characters name is Tree. He is a very perplexing person. If i were to meet him i would ask him How he felt about his parents divorce. I have never had to dael with it but i would like to know what it would feel like to be going through the hardest time of your like in middle school and not have the support of your parents together. Fallowing that question i would ask him to discribe his relationship with this new girl. He talks to her and seems to like her but never shows her. I think he could use the support of one more person in his life right now. The final question would be why do you do things to make other people appy and not your self. He does sports for his dad and never has freee time to do what he enjoys. He gets made fun of for sucking at sports. I think it is a waste of time.

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