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Monday, January 17, 2011

By: Michael Northrop
pg. 97

Tabitha Payne

An external conflict that is in my book would be that Micheal, Mixer, and Bones are looking for their friend, Tommy, that has gone missing and they all think it is their teacher Mr. Habberman so when they are carrying out the barrell they really start thinking that is Mr. H that has done the crime, but the boys don't say anything to him. They haven't solved it yet but when they read this book Mr. H gives them they try to piece together if what he is saying in class is about the book or about their friend. So they are investigating it. An internal conflict would be Micheal and trying to figure out what happened to Tommy, what is true with Mr. H when it comes to the book or in reality, and trying to keep his cool around girls. He is solving the Tommy incident with investigating, the Mr. H thing by reading the book, and the girl issue by talking to them in person and on the internet. I agree with every choice they are making because if you go to far into the investigation then you could get people in trouble or accuse the wrong one, then you can lose friends or make people more mad.

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  1. Sounds like it may be a rather interesting book. From your blog I think that Michael is the only one who is really trying gto read this book and the other two are just kind of hopiing someone else figures it out. Is this book dull and slow going? I know you probably like it because you like mystery books. Enjoy.


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