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Friday, January 21, 2011

Pirate Lattitudes
By: Michael Crichton
pg. 300
The main external conflict in this book is Hunter trying to get away from the Spanish. He has to attempt this many times because it's kind of like a back and forth war. He comes up with plans like sneaking in over a cliff and staying docked and waiting for the other ship to leave. Yes, I think Hunter is facing this very well. Hunter patiently comes up with plans to keep the whole crew safe, and to get them home to Port Royal. However Hunter's main internal conflict would be to find a way to get home and make sure that their adventure doesn't sound like a pirates' trip. He does this by only attacking ships when they attack him, and really staying true to the good man he is. On his mission he saved people and braved the clutches of the scariest creature, the Kracken. Once again, I agree with Hunter he wasn't doing anything wrong; he got the mission done in a nice kind matter.

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