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Friday, January 28, 2011

The rescue BY nicholas sparks

The Rescue
By Nicholas Sparks
Pg, 200-350
In this book there is the main character which is Denise, and she has a son, kyle, that can't talk well. he normal does not talk at all and when he does it is slow and simple words. He has a hard time understanding what other people say, and making friends. The first question i would ask him is if he ever feels lonely that he does not have that many friends? I would ask this because the only people he talks to is Denise and her boyfriend. those are his only friends, so i was wondering if he feels left out because of his disability. Another question i would ask him is if he knows that he can not speak like other kids or does he think that this is just a normal thing that everybody has to go through. He does not really know what a normal childhood is so i would ask this to see if he knows that he is different then everybody else. My next question would be why he left the car after the crash? i would want to know this because it was something that i questioned me. after the crash he left the crash and wondered away. It took them a long time to find him during the storm, but other then it being a good way to start off the book i did not understand what made him want to do that.

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