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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quarter 3 blog 2

I Am Number Four
Pittacus Lore
Page 1

I have not started this book, so instead I am going to inference what the conflicts are going to be and how they will be solved. From the excerpt on the back cover, the major external conflict is going to be the survival of "number four". He is being hunted by people that know that he is not human, but he lives among us as if he is a regular human. His life is the major priority, so to solve this he will probably flee to a remote area and stay in hiding until he is found again. I'm not sure i agree with the fact that he would go into hiding (even though it is my inference). It seems like he would always be in hiding and not really being able to live life. The major internal conflict would be connected to the external conflict. This "thing" would be battling its fear all the time. He would have to decide where to go and who to trust just to stay alive. The only way to solve this is to solve his problem of running for his life. All of his problems stem from him not being human, but living among us. It seems all his problems would go away if he left Earth. That seems to be the best solution.


  1. Your book sounds very interesting and I like your inference. The "thing" seems like it is going to have a lot of major conflicts going on, like you said, just to stay alive. Do you think your inference will be correct? It seems like a mysterious read...and is there a movie about this same thing? I think I have seen previews and it looks odd.

  2. Is leaving Earth an actual possibility with your setting? Your inferences seem to include a lot of supernatural elements, which leads me to believe it might be...


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