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Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog 1/28/11 Tyler Allison

Mike Lupica
Miracle on 49th Street
pg. 125

The main character of my book is Molly. There are a lot of questions i would ask her but there are three main ones. The first one i would as is "how was it with your mom dying?" I think that would be really hard. That is something i would never want to experience and it would scare me. I would want to know what it was like. The second question i would ask is "how is it living with another family?" I would want to know this because i think it would be hard to live with another family. I think i would feel awkward and like i was taking away from the family. I hope this never happens to me or anyone but it does everyday and it would be hard. My last question is "how did you have the confidence to go to your dad and tell him who you were?" This is something that i dont think i could ever do. This could mess up someones life and scare them really bad. Also i think the relationship between her and her dad would be weird from then on. I would not have the confidence to do this, but she does and that is amazing.

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