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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Glass Castle
Jeannette Walls
Pg. 130

If I could speak to a character from my book, I would choose to speak to Jeannette. She is a little girl in my book who travels with her family in order to survive. One question I would ask her would be what she thinks of her dad drinking? A conflict that has came up in this book a lot is her dad and his drinking problems and how he takes his problems out on other people. I would like to hear from her if she thinks her dad should stop drinking or if she thinks he should keep doing it because he likes to do it. If I grew up with a father who took drinking way to out of control I do not think I would be able to tolerate it. I think she would answer this question as that she does not like her dad drinking and that she wishes he would stop and that he can find better things to do besides that. Another question I would ask her is if she supports her mom and her artwork? I would ask this because he mom loves to do art, but does not really make any money off of anything she does and she also does not have a job because she does art all the time. If I were Jeannette I would enjoy that my mother enjoys doing art, but I would want her to have a job as well because they are already running low on money and with her not having a job it is even worse. If she would get a job, I believe they would be better off because they would have more money to support their whole family. I believe Jeannette, being the nice girl she is would answer this question as she would want her mom to keep doing art and it does not matter how much money they have, as long as they are all happy. The last question I would ask her would be, if she wishes her family was rich and well off? I would ask her this because during her whole life they have not been rich what so ever, but she has experienced many events that have changed her life along the way. There are many pros and cons for being not a whealthy family. I believe Jeannette would answer this and say that she does not wish that her family was rich because during her whole life she has been happy and being wealthy is not everything. Love is the most important part of a family and not wealth, and they all love each other which is all that matters in the end. Money does not mean anything.

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  1. This girl seems to have a lot of troubles. Do you think there's anything she can do to help out her situation and her family?


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