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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mike Lupica
Safe at Home
Pg. 80
I would ask Nick the main character about his life. I would ask him if he ever knew his parents. Nick was put in an orphanage when he was young and has been trasnsfered around. I know that this would be terrible to not know your parents. Second, I would ask him if he thinks varsity practice will go better, and if he has the confidence. Nick was pulled from the JV team to Varsity, even though that is restricted. No one on the varsity team had confidenc in Nick, and he had a terrible practice. He says he can not do it to his friends, but I would ask him one on one to get an honest answer. Last, I would ask Nick what his home life is like. Nick, a big sports fanatic was adopted into a College Professor family. He has no brothers nor sisters. It is just him and his wise parents. They do not really know anything about baseball, just math and english, the classes they teach. The book has not gave a lot of detail about his home life, this is the reason I would ask.

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  1. Do you know how old he was when he was put in an orphanage? I agree with you that it would be terrible not to know your parents. That would be hard to deal with. Why is it restricted to be moved for the JV team to the varsity team? Is Nick smart since his adoptive parents seem to be too? This sounds like a very good book. Hope you enjoy it the rest of it!:)


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