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Friday, January 28, 2011

Living Dead In Dallas

Paige Boston
Living Dead In Dallas
by Charlaine Harris
pg 107

I would ask the main character, Sookie Stackhouse, if she had ever used her telepathy to her advantage in school, where she could read the minds of teachers and students in class with her to find out answers. This is important, because Sookie did not often try to use mind reading to her advantage before meeting Bill, but it would be tempting to almost anyone in a challenging test. Next, I would ask her what specifically drew her to Bill, other than not being able to read his mind. Given the fact that she knows that she is visually appealing, and is aware that both normal human men and very sexually driven vampires are attracted to her, she has every reason to be afraid that she could be injured. In addition to this, she had heard nothing good about the character of vampires prior to meeting Bill, which would be enough to frighten anyone out of making friends with such mysterious individuals. Lastly, I would ask her if she sees her relationship with Bill leading to marriage. At this point in the book, they have been together for quite awhile, and have gotten very serious. This being Sookie's first relationship, it is hard to tell if she knows what the next step is in a situation like this.

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  1. Wow! This book sounds interesting. I would wonder if she used telepathy to cheat at school. If I went to school with her, and I knew that she had telepathy I don't think I'd be happy about that. I think that it would be fun to have telepathy. You could use it for good, and then also just for fun.


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