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Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog 1/21/11 Tyler Allison

Mike Lupica
Miracle on 49th Street
pg. 102

Right now in my book there are a couple main conflicts. They all wind together for form the main conflict of the book. Molly is the main character in my book. She did live with her mom, but she died from cancer. She has never known her dad but before her mom died, she told her who her father was. Her father is a famous basketball player and he has no idea she exists. This is a lot of internal conflict for molly because molly feels like she is an intruder to he family she lives with right now but she cant go live with her real dad. She struggles with this and it effects her mood. The external conflict in this book is molly tried to talk to her dad. She went 2 hours away from her home to talk to him and she got rejected. Her host mom got mad and she got in trouble. She struggles with getting along with her sister that she lives with and is very quiet. Overall this book is good so far and i think it will get better.

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