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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Build a Fire
By Jack London
p. 150
I would ask the man that is unnamed. Thats what he is called, he has no name. I would ask him why he would decide to travel during -50 degree weather. You can get frostbite within minutes and it extremly dangerous. I wouldn;t say that it is worth it. Another question would be why did you bring your dog? I can understand that it might have some sense of direction but to put a dog through that miserable weather is just horrible and cruel. My last question is why walk on the river? it could be faster to travel on but there are many dangers like the ice being too thin and you breaking through it like your dog did.

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  1. I agree that traveling in that temperature is crazy! Although if I were to take that risk I would want someone with me because it would make it a less lonely journey. It would be another person I would take with me though not a dog because the person would be someone to talk to. I can understand walking along the river so he won't lose his direction or get lost. I agree that walking on it is dangerous, but if it's that cold out the ice should be pretty safe.


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