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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Night Star
Alyson Noel

I am just beginning a new book, so there is not much conflict established yet, but there is one major conflict that is a very big problem. This conflict could be considered internal or external. The conflict would be since Haven recently became immortal; it has been nothing but problems for Damen and Ever. Haven is seeking revenge on Ever because Ever killed the one Haven loved. Haven is obsessed with herself and will do anything to come out on top. And internal conflict out of that would be Ever coping with herself for being the one who turned Haven into an immortal. Things are getting out of hand so Ever has decided to try to defeat/get rid of Haven. I agree with this because it is pretty much the only option Haven and Damen have. And external conflict would be the problem Haven and Damen have of how to get rid of Haven. They cannot go noticed so have to defeat her skillfully. I agree with what they are doing of preparing for when Haven strikes because that is pretty much the only logical way of doing it.


  1. Do you think they could ever get along? Is there a different way to solve their conflict? Would you do it differently? Why are there problems just because Haven is immortal?

  2. I wonder if there will be a next book and what will happen to Haven.

  3. This sounds like a very complicated book, full of conflict. So is the becoming immortal the main problem in this story or is the revenge?

  4. I loved her first 3 books. :) I was hooked on the story. Ever has alot of conflicts within the story. I like Damen. :) He is dark and mysterious. I like that. I havnt read this one yet, but will. What do you think will happen in the next book?


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