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Friday, January 28, 2011


Knights of the Hill Country
Tim Tharp
pg. 125

The first question I would ask him would be, If your dad showed up on your step and wanted to be a part of your life, what would you say? His dad left him when he was young and never had a father figure to help him, so I am not sure whether he would be happy with him or not. My second question would be, do you actually like football or is it a way to channel anger? His life is rough and he loves to hit people in football so I'm not sure if he likes it or just likes to get rid of his anger. My third question would be, do you feel more pressure on you to get another perfect season for your senior year or does it still feel the same. The already have 6 straight perfect seasons under their belt and the 7th would be an amazing defeat.


  1. It would be hard meeting your father for the first time, especially if he never contacted you at any time of your life.

  2. I agree with what cody said it will be pretty hard meeting you father your first time. I think he would not care that much about him because it didn't bother his dad so yeah it probally make his kid feel like crap, like no one wants him. It sounds like he could be really in to football. For most people it does let you get most of your anger.

  3. If I was the kid I would not have any idea what to think about if my dad showed up after not being there for my whole life. I would say that the kid in your book uses football more as a way to challenge his anger, since the part he likes is the hitting, and he has a lot of things to take out on people.


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