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Friday, January 21, 2011

Den10's blog

Fall River Dreams
by: Bill Reynolds
pg: 97-156

An internal conflict is with the author of my book, Bill Reynolds. The book is told from his personal observations and through his point of view. He has to decide how to portray the players on the team. Bill decides to tell all about them and make them seem like the humans they really are. He shows their qualities and their flaws. I think this is a good idea ,because after all they are just high school kids, not gods.
An External conflict is between Coach Skip Karam and his star player. They have very similar persinalities. They are both very stubborn. They often butt heads on certain issues. Skip is not afraid to sit him if he crosses the line. I agree with what coach Skip does he can not put him above the rest of the team just because he is the most talented.


  1. I dont really understand your book. What is the plot line consist of? What is the theme?

  2. Kyle: I would guess this book is much like those you typically read: a non-fiction sports-centered story. Hopefully in reading Denton's future posts, your questions will be answered.


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