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Friday, January 28, 2011

Running out of time
Margaret Peterson Haddix
pg. 200

If I could ask a character in my book three questions, I would talk to the main character Jessie. I would first ask her, how did you feel when you escaped Clifton? I would ask this, because I would be really scared, and since she is only thirteen I would expect her to be very scared as well. Some other questions I would ask are, what was it like not knowing what things are around you, and how did you get enough courage to do what you did? These questions crossed my mind a lot when reading this book. Coming from an outside world to present day and seeing unnatural objects would be hard to overcome. She went through a lot and I have know idea how she did it.

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  1. Why did she have to escape her town, and what world did she come from first? This sounds like a really interesting book!


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