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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Am Number Four
Pittacus Lore

I would talk to John who is "number four" because there is a lot of mystery surrounding him and questions that I could ask. My first question is why he and the others (9 of them) have to be destroyed. I know that something is hunting his kind on earth, but it never gives a reason why. I want to know what he is and what is after him and why, because it would make the story much more enjoyable. My next question would be who the man is with him. Is it his dad or brother or simply a guardian while on earth? The man (older gentleman) doesn't seem to have a significance to the boy except that he acts as a father figure so the humans won't get suspicious. He is an important figure in the boy's life, but why aren't the things also hunting the man and not just the boy? My last question would be what exactly is the boy and why is he one of the nine? He is not human, but he can look like a human and it took him a year to get here to earth. He could be a number of things, but an explanation would make me pretty happy. Also why would there need to be nine of these things instead of 10 or 7? All these questions will probably be answered soon since I am not very far into the book. I chose them because they are very relevant questions that should be answered or the story will not make sense.


  1. That seems odd, to be hunted and not no why. Do you think that he will survive? I think that this boy is some kind of alien creature that came from a different planet and it took a year to travel the distance. Would you agree?

  2. I do agree! plus I read more of the book and he is an alien creature, but I still have no idea why he is being hunted...


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