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Friday, January 28, 2011

Quater 3, blog3

Rachel Crouch
Pop Goes the Weasel
By James Patterson
I would probably ask the killer, who calls himself death, why his was trying to kill himself in the first chapter of the book, and why he was too big of a coward to go through with it. If he can so easily take the lives of so many people then why can't he take his own life?? I was really hoping that he would be the last killer that Cross was after, he would kill himself, and we'd get to meet the nest killer. I would also ask him why he started living his fantasy he was a big enough creep just thinking about he didn't need to be any creepier by living it. I'm also wondering why, if he hates his family so much, why hasn't he killed them or at least left them. I guess that would be to normal of a reaction.

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