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Friday, January 28, 2011

Charlie St. Cloud Pg.100-125

What does it feel like to lose a brother or sister? How hard was it letting go of seeing Sam everyday and how did you let him go? And I want to know how you feel when you see your brother every day and how much has your life changed since you let Sam go and completely moved on ? Because I think this will help me if I ever loose somebody so close to me. I do not know how I would really feel especially if it was my sister. I think my life and my world would totally change. And if I did loose somebody what would it feel like if you were able to see them everyday. And how much did your life change since they died and when you finally decided to let them go. I do not think I could ever let go of someone so special in my life especially my sisters. that is why I want to know what it feels like and to of what I would ask Charlie.

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  1. I would deffiantly ask what it feels like to loose a brother. I like your questions. They really would ask a lot about being in his shoes.


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