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Friday, January 21, 2011

Thinking in Pictures By Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin is an average everyday person except for one thing. She has Asperger Syndrome. In her  mind, she connect "dots" to form "pictures" For example, when she saw the gate open and close for cattle to go in and out of, she visualized in her mind a picture of how she could improve the construction of the gate.  Temple and I have many things in common.  We both have Asperger Syndrome. But unlike myself, Temple took her education to the next level by getting her PHD in animal science. Many of her class mates made fun of her because of the way she "wrote."  Eventually, she stood up for herself and got the respect she deserved. This is exactly how I felt when I first came to Earlham. Many students who didn't quite know me very well, made fun of me or didn't include me in their group discussions.  It tore me apart, and for a long time I felt invisible to everyone because of the way everyone was treating me. But, now a days,  I get included in group discussions and have a lot of friends who have my back. 
Life with Asperger Syndrome can be interesting. Everyday you are faced with many obstacles on whether you want to come to school based on if anyone made fun of you.  It's a chance definitely worth taking. The moral of this book is to stand up for yourself even in tough situations that many of us face in our day to day lives. 

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