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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Harlan Coben
pg. 113

If I could talk to one of the characters, I would talk to Haley McWaid's mom. Haley seemed like the perfect girl. She was good at just about everything and people loved her, then she went missing. Some think something bad happened, but others think she ran away. I would ask her mom, to keep an opened mind and ask if Haley was having any problems. Sometimes family members become blind and don't realize what is going on under their roof. I would also ask her why she seems to forget her other children. All she focuses on is finding Haley, even if it means avoiding her other children. She said the only way her children could get over this is if their sister is found. Earlier in the book she was talking to the principal about parents hosting a party for their high schools and providing a keg. Their philosophy is that they will do it anyway somewhere else, so why not keep it safe at their house. I would ask Haley's mom if she agrees with this. In the book she said she understood why the parents would do this, but she didn't give her opinion.

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