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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Build a Fire
p. 70
The internal conflict that is going on is that the man is struggling to survive out in the wild. He is having a hard time finding food and he is having trouble staying mentally focused on what he has to do to stay alive. The external conflict is that a bear came t his camp a few days ago and he had to fight it off since the first bullet didn't kill the bear. I believe that the man is doing the best thing that he can do by fighting the bear and he is getting better as the book goes on to stay mentally focused. I think he will get better at surviving and will make it to the end without any more serious threats.


  1. He needs to stay focused and get food! Has he gone looking for berries and such? What time of the year is it?

  2. Does this guy know anything about the wilderness or is he just trying to survive without knowing what he is doing? I think this book sounds interesting. If you like survival stories you should read Unbroken. Its about a bomber crew that gets shot down in the ocean.


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