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Friday, January 21, 2011

The rescue by Nicholas sparks

The rescue
Nicholas sparks
Pg. 150- 222

One of the main conflicts in this book is Kyle and his inability to speak correctly. This makes things hard on Denise, because not only does she have to worry about her job and her house, but she also has to worry about kyle. She sits down with Kyle everyday, working with him, and helping him. She puts a lot of effort and time into teaching Kyle. her life is devoted to him, and making sure he gets better and tries to live a normal life, acting as a kid should act. while Denise is not worrying about Kyle she has her boyfriend that she has to. He is a nice guy, but lately she has felt that he has been trying to avoid her. she is scared that he is going to leave her, just like what she has heard he has done with other girls he has been in relationships with.
Elizabeth Bower

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  1. Is Denise Kyle's mom, or someone else?
    Does Kyle seem like he will ever get better?

    This sounds like it could be a pretty good book. I bet it will get made into a movie. A lot of books by this guy do.


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