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Monday, January 17, 2011

Safe At Home
Mike Lupica
Pg. 55
An internal conflict would be that Nick argues with himself about playing varsity baseball. THe rules of the team are that you cannot play up, only down. Nick has been asked to play up, but he does not wish to make friends mad by playing up. Nick has not yet decided where he wants to play. I think he is doing the right thing so far and trying to be fair to everyone. The external conflict would be that, he is adopted. When Nick was smaller he met with a lot of families,trying to find somewhere to live. Finally, Nick was adopted into a college professor family. This family knows absolutely nothing about baseball, Nick is doing what he can, to involve them and baseball. Again, I think he is doing good because he really likes baseball, and he is good, but this family adopted him so he needs to be considerate of them.


  1. Do you think he will take the varsity team and people will be mad at him? And do you think his adoptive parents will enjoy baseball or not care?

  2. I think he will take varsity so he can shine. Also, I dont think his adoptive [arents really care.


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