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Monday, January 3, 2011

Elizabyth Ladwig
Fool Moon
Jim Butcher
pg. 274
The cover art on my book has Harry Dresden, the main character, standing on the ledge of a building looking down on the city of Chicago. He is wearing jeans, a black t-shirt, a black hat, and a long, black coat. He is also holding a long staff. On the building wall behind him, there are 2 bloody paw prints. This is the second book in a series, so I've already found out that Harry is a wizard, but if you hadn't read the 1st book, you could tell his was a wizard, since the staff is glowing. The paw prints and the title give away that the plot is going to be related to wolves or werewolves in some way.


  1. What about the setting in chicago? Could you make an inference that something bad will happen in the city? Is there anything else you can tell about the plot from the cover? If you haven't read the first book, would you be able to infer the same things?

  2. Wow, a wizard named Harry. That's original, haha.

    How is this book different than all the other books about supernatural things that keep coming out? I swear every book that comes out nowadays is either about vampires, werewolves, wizards, or some combination of the three. Most of them are terrible. Does this series stand out at all?

  3. Good questions, ladies. I'm hoping Elizabyth responds...I'm curious as well.


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