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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quarter 3 blog 1

The Bone Garden
Tess Gerritsen
Page 130

The cover is dominated by the colors black and red with the author and title in white large print. The large title "The Bone Garden" is plainly set out there so you know it's going to be a slightly disturbing. The colors make up the shape of what looks like a girl running into the distance either out of or into a wooded area. It also has leaves and twigs on the bottom. All these things plus the title give the impression that the book is going to be mysterious and involve a dark setting with a graveyard. The overall look of the cover drew me in because it looked intriguing, without giving a lot away.

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  1. The cover of your book seems very interesting. Mine is pretty simple and yours seems more mysterious and appealing to the reader. If you were to judge the book by its cover would you still have chosen it? And...I like the name of the author!


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