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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quarter 3 blog 1
Ghost Night
by Heather Graham
pg. 73
The cover of my book is different shades of blue, but it looks like it is nightfall. There is a bridge extending over water into the distance with lights on the bridge. From the title of the book I could guess that ghosts are involved or the beyond. Another reason I think it has to do with the supernatural is because the bridge seems to go on forever. The lights on the bridge give an eerie glow. I also think the setting will take place in the ocean because there is alot of water on the cover and and seems never ending. The author's name also gives alot away. I have read many of Heather Graham's books and I know this one will include a mystery.

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  1. It sounds like a very mysterious cover and that is always what draws me to a book along with the title. When you say that the authors name gives alot away I can tell that you admire the way this author writes or you just really like her plot lines. How many books have you read of hers and would you recommend them?


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